Our first project with the amazing folk at Crocs. The brand asked us to craft a film introducing their new silhouette: The Off Court.

The Off Court’s maintain the iconic Crocs comfort with a fresh style and feel. We aimed the content at a wider audience that extends into the fortysomethings and beyond. Our ambition was to deliver  a concept that pulled on the nostalgic heartstrings of this older audience while maintaining broad appeal across generations.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
2D Animation
3D Animation
Elevate Your Clog Game

The creative process involved an extensive exploration of interests and pastimes, resulting in the creation of hundreds of bespoke magazine spreads. Every hobby or pastime once had print media representing its fans and we wanted to remind the audience of the time they were once fully ingrained within these communities.  Rather than work up storyboards, we paired designers and 3d artists and tasked them with crafting short vignettes that captured as many styles as possible. 

The spreads not only highlighted the versatility and style of the Off Court but they formed an immersive playground for the shoe. We captured the shoe in a world of graphic nostalgia and offered a nice juxtaposition with a 3d product in a flat, 2d environment. This dynamic approach emulated the individuality of Crocs and how they make their customers feel.