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Creative Design Studio

Bark&Bite is an award-winning creative design studio, with a dedicated team of storytellers, artists, designers, animators and creative specialists on-hand to bring your visions to life.

Creative design work

At Bark&Bite, we have over 10 years’ experience working with a wide range of world-renowned brands to deliver outstanding creative, moving content projects. From animations, to advertisements, and branded content, our team of experts know how to effectively understand your brand and execute the desired messaging to the highest standard.

What is creative design used for?

Creative design is the process of using computer generated images (CGI), alongside animation to visualise a product or story. It can be used for commercial purposes, such as creative branding, digital marketing, social media marketing and advertising, as well as for entertainment purposes such as TV and film.

Used to tell a story, creative design is about visualisation, piecing together ideas to form an engaging way to deliver a particular message. This ideation process enables the creative designer to determine the best medium for a given project and transform ideas into a visual solution. Thinking outside the box, the creative design process involves coming up with unique, inventive ideas that are suited to an individual brand and align well with its audiences.

Our Approach

If you’re unsure on the right medium for the story you wish to tell, our team of creative designers will work with you to advise the best solution according to your requirements, goals and objectives. Our aim is to create engaging campaigns that captivate your audience, help your brand to stand out and above all else, deliver exceptional results. We then determine which medium will be best to do this through an extensive ideation process.

Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll tirelessly get to know your brand and project-brief in order to provide you with an end-product that meets your requirements. Keeping up to date with the latest market trends, techniques and creative strategies, we’re constantly working to stay ahead of the curve of this ubiquitous design process to create truly unique campaigns that help your brand to stand out and blow your audience away.

Our Creative Design Process

Depending on the desired outcome for your project and the creative medium used to deliver it, there are several stages that we undertake as part of the creative design process.


Whether using your existing branding, or helping you to rebrand, this part of the creative design process involves collating key brand elements such as logos, colour schemes, typography, tone of voice and key customer profiles or target audiences. During the ideation process, we’ll be coming up with ways to ensure your branding stands out amongst competitors and captivates audiences, to deliver results and meet your goals.


This involves bringing together creative, innovative thinking, with strategic, logical, problem-solving. This is where ideas are aligned to solutions, determining how the creative elements of the project will meet key commercial objectives. Performance is never compromised for aesthetics, we ensure both sides of a creative project are optimised to not only deliver results but delight audiences with something unique and compelling.


Once the initial ideation process is complete, a treatment will be created. This is part of the pre-production stage of a visual design project and it will detail the concept and workings of what the finished product will include. It will provide an overview of the project, as well as set clear objectives, defining the creative concept, technical approach, the members involved in the project and will set out a timeline.


During the storyboarding phase, we take the technical approach of the treatment and apply this to create the narrative of the project. A storyboard refers to a graphic organiser that outlines the sequence of the motion design. It’s a really effective way to present information visually, to understand how the finished piece will flow, demonstrating the linearity or non-linearity of a story or process to show the passage of time.

Why choose Bark&Bite?

Our team of creatives are experts at formulating innovative, inventive and effective ways to tell stories, demonstrate processes and achieve goals. We work collaboratively with you, advising on the best strategy for your individual business and create unique campaigns that deliver results, get your brand noticed and aim to meet your exact requirements while exceeding expectations.

While we will take care of the ideas process, we’ll ensure you’re involved in the process every step of the way to ensure you’re satisfied with the service you receive. We make it our aim to understand your business, goals and objectives and present an effective solution to you to help you achieve them. Our creative design studio is based in Leeds, and we’d love to welcome you to discuss your requirements in-person, or if you’re a bit further afield, we’re happy to communicate digitally, too!

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What is creative design?

Creative design involves creating innovative and inventive ways to solve a problem or meet an objective. It’s about forming concepts that may be completely original ideas, or reinventing something that has already been done but to suit a different requirement, different audience and different objectives. It’s really a process that enables a solution to be found, a medium to be chosen and a project to be executed. This is true whether creative design is used for commercial purposes such as advertising and marketing, or for entertainment purposes such as TV, film and video games.

What is the importance of creative design?

Creative design enables you to come up with unique, effective ideas that are tailored specifically to your brand and its objectives. It can be used to create a strong impression, delight audiences, build a brand identity, sell a product or service, provide information or education, narrate a story or build up thought-leadership, authority and trust.

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