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2D Animation Studio

Bark&Bite is an award-winning animation studio with a dedicated team of storytellers who create bespoke 2D animations that deliver your message, engage your audience and inspire action.

2D animation work

With the rise in popularity of digital content, 2D animation is becoming an increasingly popular style to use on TV, Online and Social Media. At Bark&Bite, we have partnered with world-leading brands such as Cartoon Network, Swatch, Warner Brothers and more, to harness the power of 2D animation to deliver global campaigns, for a wide variety of projects across advertising, broadcast, entertainment and social channels.

What can 2D animation be used for?

2D animation lends its hand to a wide range of uses across multiple media platforms, and its popularity has increased in recent years due to the medium’s versatility. At Bark&Bite, our 2D animation services cover the width and breadth of the medium’s possibilities.

The seemingly simplistic style of 2D graphic design has made this form of animation extremely popular for online content and TV commercials alike due to the use of block colours and clean lines. This clean style of 2D animation allows for key information to be presented clearly whilst remaining engaging and fun.

2D animation also works perfectly for social media advertising channels as it again provides a clear display of the necessary information in an age where video is the preferred medium for many, and is able to stand out as it provides a break from the classic photography that you expect to see on these channels.

Our Approach

When creating 2D animations, we work collaboratively with you and your team to deliver a creative solution that exceeds your expectations. In order to make this process effective, we stay on top of the latest market trends, techniques, strategies and formats to ensure that we create something unique to your brand, in line with what works best for driving engagement.

When you opt for Bark&Bite as your 2D animation partner, you choose to work with industry-leading experts that make it their mission to understand your brand and deliver results-driven animation campaigns. You’ll be allocated a dedicated team made up of creatives, animators and producers to ensure your video is compelling, engaging and on-brand.

We put quality of service at the heart of what we do, ensuring that you have a point of contact to discuss your ongoing animation project at all times We’ll keep you updated in real-time with bespoke software that gives you access to project files and timelines and allows you the opportunity to provide feedback and approval all in the same location.

Our 2D animation process

The 2D animation process can seem long and complex… and it can be. That’s where we come in to lend a helping hand. We’ve summarised our animation production process below, so you can learn a little bit about how we handle 2D animation projects here at Bark&Bite.


Collaboration and creativity are key in the pre-production stage as these foundations determine the final outcome of the project. Ideation, character design and storyboarding are all complete in this stage of the process, with our creative team working closely alongside your team to create a strong design concept before animation can begin.


During production, our 2D animation team collates the many stages of pre-production work into a working story using modeling techniques, animation technology and 2D rendering. Conferring with your team at each stage is critical to producing high quality 2D animation that we can both be proud of.


In post-production, the sequence of images created during production are sewn together to create the final moving film. Our animators then finalise the project with the necessary colour corrections, sound recording, visual effects and more - you could say this is where the magic happens.


The completed animation is then presented to you, and once you’re happy with the final product, we’ll provide you with everything you need to successfully release your 2D animation campaign across all broadcasting, advertising and social media channels.

Why choose Bark&Bite?

Our team of expert creatives, animators and designers work collaboratively with you, advising on the best strategy for your individual business and create unique campaigns that deliver results. We make the process simple and straightforward for you, keeping in touch at every venture and going the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive. Our 2D animation studio is based in Leeds, and we’d love to welcome you to discuss your requirements in-person, or if you’re a bit further afield, we’re happy to communicate digitally, too!

Our Clients


What is 2D animation?

2D animation involves creating movement in a two-dimensional space, usually in the form of video content. This may include transitions, characters, special effects and backgrounds. Movement is created by sequencing individual drawings together in a rhythmic pattern, with one second usually divided into 24 frames, creating the illusion of smooth movement. While in the past this was done through physical drawings, in the modern age a set of robust digital programs are used to enhance the images created, streamline the process and allow for edits to be made seamlessly.

How is 2D animation made?

The process of creating 2D animation is typically split up into four key stages – pre-production, production, post-production and completion. In the pre-production phase, storyboards are created to visualise what the end product may look like, serving as the key planning stage. Production is where the animation is then pieced together. Post-production refers to the refining stage, where the animation is edited and enhanced. Lastly, completion is where the final 2D animation production is delivered and launched.

How long does 2D animation take?

The length of time that a 2D animation project takes depends on a variety of factors and the timeline can fluctuate depending on your requirements and objectives. To get a better understanding of how long your desired project will take, get in touch with us today to discuss in more detail.

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